Waterbrook is a “sure thing” for wine tasters

Emily and Gretchen make the experience at Waterbrook

If you are out tasting and want a “sure thing”one of the nicest tasting rooms in the Walla Walla area can be found at Waterbrook. It is a gorgeous facility that is always fun to visit for a tasting. Personally, I prefer their reserve wines – and their events are fabulous!!  Last year we attended “Unstrung”.  It included a gourmet box dinner – delicious – and little tableaus that included a harpist, opera singer (which I think was impromptu) as well as little trios and quartets scattered around the grounds. It was wonderful fun and we are looking forward to it again this year.

There are always great events such as an upcoming Glass Blowing Wine Weekend.

If you stop by the winery – be sure to say “Hi” to Gretchen and Emily. They are absolutely going to make sure you have a wonderful time and get to taste some delicious wine and have the opportunity to ask questions.

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  1. Ray says:

    The glass blowing wine weekend sounded interesting.

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