Tedeschi Vineyards on Maui (Pineapple Wine??!?!)

Ok it is not as good as you think it is when you are drinking it at the winery. But, it is still a lot of fun. So while we were staying on Maui earlier this month we were missing our wine tastings and decided to try Tedeschi Vineyards. It was a gorgeous sunny day and the drive itself was beautiful with several stops to enjoy views and explore some out of the way parks and monuments.

The winery iteself is in a spectacular setting and you will want to allow enough time to walk around the grounds and learn the history. While we were there, we enjoyed tasting the wine – especially the sparling pineapple wine. We took a bottle back to our condo to enjoy again later in the week. It was not nearly as good without the ambiance of the winery…but still a highly recommended and fun day.

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