How to Find Your Own Wine Trail

OK I admit it – I have had a secret crush on Steve Roberts ever since I bought his WineTrails of Washington book several years ago. It is getting tattered because we use it every trip to Walla Walla and even for an occassional Woodinville tasting adventure. We use little star stickers to indicate which wineries we have visited – I keep running out of stars!!

This book is a terrific resource for a self-guided wine tour. Steve has included photos, a map and pertinent information – when it opened, winemaker’s name, if there is a picnic area or tasting fee, etc.

A few years after buying this book, we ran into Steve at a book signing at Basel Cellars in Walla Walla. This time he also had WineTrails of Oregon with him. We bought it for my Brother-in-law and Sister-in-law (knowing of course we could use it when we visited). It was as good as the Washington version and for us, not knowing Oregon as well as Washington, even more useful.

So recently, we were tasting in Woodinville at Dusted Valley  and struck up a conversation with a gentleman who was alone at the tasting bar. OK so it was a little crush – I didn’t recognize Steve until he gave me a card with his website and new Android and Iphone apps. It is a terrific website and I wanted to share it:

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