Efeste was a “Final Final” Visit for Me

A good friend of mine recently discovered a reasonably priced wine that she really liked. It is called “Final Final” from Efeste. Since we were heading to her home for dinner, we made a quick stop by the Woodinville tasting room to pick her up a bottle and check out their other wines.
The tasting room is roomy and attractively decorated. We were met at the door by a cashier who “checked us in”. We proceeded to the tasting bar and eventually did our tasting on some comfy sofas.
The wine was good. The tastes were quite small especially considering the tasting fee is charged unless you spend a minimum amount or purchase multiple bottles. The atmosphere was a bit different than most tasting rooms I have visited. The winemaker’s (?) mother was badgering a couple sitting across from us to join the wine club. It was obvious this young couple was extremely uncomfortable with her pushiness. My friend had also asked if we could see what the case discount was (she really did like this wine) and I was surprised that there is no volume discount. The only discount offered is for club members. The cashier was a bit snippy as she told me this.
I would recommend enjoying a glass of Efeste wine at a restaurant or wine bar and visiting a tasting room that is more relaxed and more fun. There are so many in Woodinville that this one did not make sense for us to plan a return visit.

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