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Smasne Cellars is one of the favorite wineries of my friend Raye, so I have done several tastings here. Always a good choice, Smasne has a great range of wines from $14 Tuesday wines to a $110 special occasion bottle of 2010 Robert O Smasne Owens Reserve.

Smasne Cellars has a tasting room located in Woodinville.

Smasne Cellars has a tasting room located in Woodinville.

The Woodinville tasting room is always a good time. On the day we visited Jeff and Tracey were pouring. A really fun couple that are very knowledgeable about both the wine and the winery. A large space in the winery warehouse district of Woodinville includes a really long tasting bar so there is room for everyone. There are also plenty of tables and chairs – perfect for relaxing and enjoying the wine.

Robert O. Smasne, the winemaker, graduated from Washington State University and then began his career at Covey Run Winery with David Lake of Columbia Winery fame. From there he went on to Amavi Cellars and Alexandria Nicole Cellars. In 2006 he started his own winery.

On our most recent visit, we really enjoyed Ancient Rocks, a wonderful blend of Mourvedre and Grenache. We also picked up a case of Bunkhouse Red, a really versatile everyday wine. We also still have some ½ Ass Red in our cellar

In addition to a very large assortment of wines and winemaking styles Smasne Cellars is a great place to visit. Fun people, a nice atmosphere and wine to suit most tastes – I definitely would recommend a visit.

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