Naples, NY


Another favorite stop for us when we visit upstate New York is Arbor Hill20180610_152936…I am not sure that you would actually call it a winery. It is more of a Disneyland for Grown-ups. There is a small complex of fun things to do here. In the main building there is wine tasting. For $5 you can taste 6 different wines. The fee is refundable depending on what you purchase.

There is another building behind the Gift Shop / Tasting Room and that is called Brew and Brats. I have checked this out a couple of times. The brats are delicious and there are several kinds to choose from. I have tried both the hot andouille sausage and the sort-of hot chicken supremo. A friend tried the milder sherried wine sausage. They were all excellent. They also have some tempting side dishes. I have enjoyed their sauerkraut as we as the German potato salad and would recommend both.

You can certainly enjoy a pitcher of craft beer with your brats, as we did. The Turtle Crawl Porter is robust and flavorful, and the Frog Hollow Pale Ale hit the spot of a warm day. You can also have a glass of wine or a home-made root beer.

Arbor Hill has lots of fun events Often on Friday nights they have open mic night and steak night. There are often Saturday concerts.

We really enjoyed the gift shop. It is loaded with delicious items and great gift ideas including the famous “Naples Grape Pies”. There are lots of grape items – from candies to dressings and preserves. You can even take home their sauerkraut and one of the items I had to have – Frog Hollow Pale Ale Pub Mustard and the Horseradish Pretzel Dip.


I guess that we were having so much fun that the only thing we tasted on our visit was the craft beer. That means another trip coming up this fall with a promise to try ALL their wines.



Susan’s Score – I can’t score the wine yet, but I would definitely come for the craft brews, brats and fun!

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