Heinen’s Grocery Store

Cleveland, Ohio

We recently had a reason to visit Cleveland, Ohio. While there a friend recommended, we visit the Heinen’s Grocery Store in downtown Cleveland. I thought that it was an odd recommendation until she told me that in addition to their great selection of wine, they also has a self-serve wine by the glass tasting station.

This regional, family-owned supermarket chain was founded in 1929.  The store we visited is located in a gorgeous restored Cleveland Trust Bank building at 900 Euclid Avenue. The Cleveland Trust Rotunda was designed by architect George B. Post, and features a Tiffany-style-stained glass ceiling.  Just below the ceiling, 13 murals painted by Francis Davis Millet entitled The Development of Civilization in America depict the exploration and settlement of the Great Lakes region.

The second-floor balcony is where the wine is located and overlooks the ground floor. You start by purchasing a card and then you can use the wine kiosks. There is a choice of 2, 3 or 5 ounce “tastes” of several different wines. There is a lot of comfortable seating so you can relax and sip. There are several (maybe 6 or 8) wine kiosks all around the balcony so if you don’t find a wine you like in one, you can visit the next.

The tastes start at $1.25 for 2 ounce pour of one of the lower priced wines and go up from there as the price of the wine goes up. I think the most expensive taste we saw was $5.25. It is also really nice that the wines you are tasting are located in the kiosks for purchase.

We had a wonderful time sipping away a snowy afternoon and I would highly encourage a visit if you are in the Cleveland area. I think this was my favorite attraction right behind the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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